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Meet the Team & Get Aquinted. The Ones Behind the Scenes Helping Ascend Your Business to New Heights
Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma

Founder & Creative Director

Anshul sets the tone for Lifted's culture with his unique upbeat persona, ample amounts of energy, and his passion for all that he does. That ensures the well being of our clients and Lifted's adaption and longevity in our ever evolving industry.

Aditya Chugh

Aditya Chugh

Founder & Head of Development

Adi is often reffered to as The Almighty Yoda. He spears development and manages all the really complicated lines of codes, algorithims, vm instances, access keys and authentication tokens that would cause the other 99.9% of the population to go insane.

Jash Mudhar

Jash Mudhar


A film student by day, and graphic designer by night. Jash has a natural talent for creating attention grabbing, minimilist, contemporary pieces of art. If you use snapchat and live in the toronto metropolitis, you've probably used his work with your last selfie.

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Are you interested in web site design and development? Looking to get your feet wet learning and refining your HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery skills. Come learn at a close knit boutique IT firm where we don't just work, but we have a great time doing so.

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