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This blog post is from the eyes and perspective of co-founder and creative director Anshul Sharma. The thoughts and ideas shared in this blog posts are solely of the individual and do not represent the views of Lifted Solutions as an organization. You will understand as to why, as you continue to read this blog post.

Rewind to July 28, 2013 the day I got hired to RBC as a Credit Cards Advisor at the age of twenty:

That same scorching summer afternoon, I found myself with good company in a luscious backyard garden, which was a hidden oasis, known to evoke deeper realms of discussion for those who visited.

"Engaged in disussion what felt like days was spent conversing about the paths, adventures, triumphs and losses we’ve come to face in our respective lifetime(s). The need to live in the moment and allow your creative juices to flow, always. We wished to dream and painted a beautiful picture with the paintbrushes of our imaginations. "

A future that would amount to the both of us choosing to walk a path in which only a few reach their end destination. They said you could tell your estimated completion of your journey based on the amount of people you seen around you. The closer you get to your destination; the fewer genuine souls you come across.

This path is not for the faint hearted, nor for individuals who never wish not to set their feet in an unfamiliar environment. The path of entrepreneurship has many hurdles and bumps on its way, but with hard work, passion and commitment anything is possible. If your mind can think (DREAM) it, your actions can help bring that idea to life.

You will learn to improve and learn on the fly, take calculated risks, and filter out noise that does nothing but distract you. We have to take control of our time, energy and attention. The three of which are all powerful tools and resources, how we use and apply them dictate who we are. Witness your life moment by moment, and see all the beauty life has to offer.

The energy that was present in the air, we tried to manifest it and it gave birth to an entity that would change my life, forever. Lifted Solutions was humbly born.

Three Years Later the dream has become reality. Lifted Solutions is my day-to-day means of income and become a full time hustle with other team memebers that I can rely on to provide our clients with quality.

I used to work at a major Canadian bank, but the longer I worked there the more I realized that the company's thirst for record profits far outweigh'd it's desire to compensate and care for it's people.

At Lifted Solutions, our main aim is not to make large sums of $$$, Instead we wish to Leave a Legacy.

Posted by Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma has been a published writer with over a years worth of contributions for the Milton Villager, which at the time had over ten thousand (10,000) publications printed monthly. Anshul now writes about everything and has a couple very exciting writing projects coming out in the near future.